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Midlife Podcasts

There are a lot of great midlife and over 50 podcasts, but they can be hard to track down. With the help of Instagram, I’ve compiled a list of podcasts that might be worth checking out. Some of these I already knew about and some were suggested by other people. These are in vaguely alphabetical order and the descriptions are generally from their own Instagram or webpage. Let me know if I’ve missed any and I’m happy to add them to the list.


Midlife Mastery (I couldn’t leave this one off 🙂 )
Interviews, inspiration, & ideas for creating an amazing second half of life!


Conversations with 70 remarkable people, all over the age of 70.


The Awaken Life Project


Spirited conversations with big thinkers about health, culture, work and the science of living longer and ageing differently.


Helping people 50+ realize their entrepreneurial spirit.


helping people 50+ realize their entrepreneurial spirit.


Green House Podcast: Elevate Eldercare
Bringing together thought leaders, activists, and advocates in the field of aging services to foster thoughtful discourse and diverse perspectives aimed at elevating eldercare.


Reaching ‘the middle’ doesn’t mean you have to become invisible- it’s a time to step outside your comfort zone and do something that makes you uncomfortable- because that’s where the good stuff happens.


Real talk for real women navigating the changes of midlife.


A Feisty Menopause podcast for active, performance-minded women who aren’t willing to put their best years behind them.


A fresh perspective on midlife. Stories of people busting through their midlife funk. It’s never too late!




A podcast about fearlessly navigating life after 40.


Helping women turn Midlife Crisis into Midlife Transformation.


Dedicated to women who want to do more than just survive in midlife – women who want to thrive.


Helping women at midlife grow and scale their coaching or client-based business to multiple 6 and 7-figures.


Chatting about life, love, kids & what the hosts have learned in the first half of 40.


Redefining midlife (and making it hot too)!


Telling the TRUTH about midlife.


Shaking up midlife one challenge at a time.


Exactly what the name says it is.


Breaking down the issues grown-ass women 50+ deal with daily.


Helping midlife women live the life they want, not the one they’re settling for.


The Podcast where BadAss Women can discover that being over 50 is an asset.


Talking all things fitness, mindset & nutrition.


Dedicated to preserving and elevating the pop culture nuggets of our GenX childhoods.


A look at what entering midlife means for the women of Generation X.


Fitness & Nutrition Strategies for women 50+


Inspiring women, 50-90, to find their Inner Rebel


The challenges of finding employment as an older worker.


For women in midlife wanting to revive a floundering marriage.


Encouraging women that life can ROCK in their next season!


A show about life in the middle. Exploring what it actually takes to thrive and turn midlife into the best phase of our life.


Living our best lives and trying to figure out our “what’s next” at this age of reinvention!


A podcast that aims to tell the truth about being a woman post-40.


A podcast exploring how we can all live our best lives, unbound by age, place, or culture


Helping 50+ women discover new possibilities.


Enabling women to live the second half of their lives like a @#$*%&! fireworks show.


Helping women live well, embrace life and enjoy life every day.


Women who are boldly traveling beyond 50.


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