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Month: August 2021

Luck, Intention, and Quantum Surfing (with Monica Laurence)

Get ready for something a bit different. Monica Laurence is a serial entrepreneur, venture investor, hospitality maven, global citizen, island renegade, and – most of all – a quantum surfer. Quantum surfing? It’s a framework of actionable philosophies drawing from quantum mechanics, neuroscience, spirituality, and a quest for personal freedom…

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Mastering the Middle Years (with Madeline Hardacre, MD)

Madeline Hardacre, MD is a Lifestyle Medicine Physician and OBGYN, entrepreneur, and ultra-marathoner who shares her approach to mastering the middle years. She also has a coaching program through Women’s Health Elevated which you can learn more about here. In this episode, she discusses: What she learned from doing a…

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Focusing On What You Can Control (with John MacDonald)

John MacDonald (aka JohnMacOnline) is working hard to live his best life. A software development, coach, and self-described beginner, John focuses on mind, body, and soul elevation and training for life. In today’s episode, you’ll learn how John creates a great midlife by: The importance of focusing on what you…

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