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Aging Well (with Ageless Workout)

Many in the fitness industry promise (or strongly suggest) quick fixes and amazing results. But that’s not really how our bodies work and it often leads to disappointment, frustration, and the relentless search for that next miracle diet and workout. But what if we approached it differently?

Nate Wilkins and Shebah Carfagna from Ageless Workout guest today to dispel a few myths and talk about their evidence based ageless workout lifestyle. They discuss:

  • Approaching fitness from a health foundation
  • Building solid habits and psychological skills
  • Getting past the quick fix mentality and embracing incremental change
  • Getting started with a health and fitness program
  • Five rules for choosing a doctor

Nate and Shebah bring a lot of heart and passion to helping others live healthy, fit lives and that really shines through in this conversation. You can also connect with them and subscribe to their newsletter at

Ready to play bigger with your life? Let’s get started!



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