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Inspiration for Midlife Women (with Alison Jacobson)

Alison Jacobson hosts the podcast “Midlife Mavericks,” coaches midlife women, and is author of the book “Daily Inspiration for Midlife Women: A Guide to Peace, Joy, Confidence, and Abundance.”

I am very excited to have Alison as a guest as we share a similar view of the power of midlife. In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Getting past self-doubt.
  • Taking on new challenges, like when she ran her first marathon at 58.
  • Living confidentially.
  • Reconnecting with who we used to be.
  • Approaching new things with a sense of wonder and vulnerability.
  • Fear of not being enough.
  • Courage to live an imperfect life.


Alison’s expertise is with women, but everything discussed applies to men, too. You can learn more about her at

Ready to play bigger in midlife? Let’s get started!


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