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Building a Pre-Retirement Flight Plan in Your Fifties (with Bill and Pete Bush)

Most retirement conversations seem to hinge around dollars and dates – how much do you have and when will you retire. Bill and Pete Bush are financial planners who approach the conversation a bit differently and share how our 50s are the time to really be thinking through what we want our retirement to look like, what will we be doing, how will we be contributing to our lives and the world, and the importance of planning our health, not just our wealth for retirement. I really enjoyed their perspective on thinking about retirement and they were just great fun to talk to.

Along with running Horizon Financial Group, they are authors of The Runway Decade: Building a Pre-Retirement Flight Plan in Your Fifties and hosts of The Runway Decade Podcast. You can find more about them along with tools and other planning resources at:

Ready to play bigger in midlife? Let’s get started!


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