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Tag: Happiness

Living to 120 and Reaching Your Full Potential Along the Way (with Don MacPherson)

Don MacPherson, CEO of 12 Geniuses and a self-described polymath-in-training, pushes me to rethink a lot of things about how I’m approaching life. Some of the topics we discuss include: How would you live your life now if you knew you were likely to live to 120? How can you…

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Happiness in Work and Life (with Alexander Kjerulf)

Alexander Kjerulf, happiness at work champion, author, crossfitter, swing dancer, and aspiring ukuleleist (uker?) shares the joys of a midlife done wrong. 🙂  Actually, he talks happiness, community, the freedom of living simply, and next steps after stepping away from the company he founded. I am excited to share this…

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