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How Do You Create An Intentional Midlife? (with Jay Kuhns)

Welcome to the Midlife Mastery Podcast where we are finding ways to create an amazing second half of life. Whether you are in your 50s, 60s, or beyond, let’s make the second half the best half.

Jay Kuhns is not a self-help guru. He doesn’t get paid to show you how to be your best self. BUT, he has worked really hard at being intentional about being his best self and he shares what has worked for him, including:

  • Taking the long view to life
  • His focus on sleep, nutrition, and fitness
  • How he plans on living to 100
  • His two relationship rules with his kids
  • The importance of nurturing multiple communities
  • Creating a personal board of directors
  • Setting goals
  • Cultivating happiness
  • Giving up Little Debbie Swiss Rolls (a guilty treat we both share)

Give a listen to how an ordinary guy has set himself up for an amazing second half.

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