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Category: Podcast

Normalizing Aging (with Jacqueline “Jack” Perez)

Jacqueline (Jack) Perez is on a mission to normalize aging. In 2017, she created Kuel Life, a website providing community and expert advice for midlife women. Along with curated content and real-life expert advice, the site also showcases women-driven brands. In this episode, we discuss the importance of community and…

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Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle (with O’Live Your Life)

Does your life feel rushed, distracted, and disconnected? Anita Heidema and Dario Tomaselli, founders of O’Live Your Life, want to help you change that. They went from lives that were successful, but stressful and separate to having lives that are present, connected, and purposeful. And they want to share their…

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Creating Audacious Change in Midlife (with Adrienne Shubin)

A little over two years ago, Adrienne Shubin, author of the Change Your Midlife blog, began transforming her life. Starting with going alcohol free for 30 days, it evolved into staying alcohol free, switching to a plant-based diet, getting rid of clutter, losing weight, and becoming debt free. You’ll enjoy…

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Taking Control of Your Time (with John MacDonald)

John MacDonald returns to Midlife Mastery. Last time, we discussed focusing on what you can control and it remains one of the most downloaded episodes. In this episode, we discuss the importance (and golden opportunity) of controlling our time. This includes, starting our day with intention, managing priorities, and the…

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