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Find What Makes You Happy (with Terry Murphy)

Ever had a dream?

Terry Murphy, in his early 60s, sold his business, packed his life onto a bicycle, and is touring the US for the next several years with thoughts of sailing to Europe and continuing his journey there.

You may not dream of pedaling across America (or even around the block), but there is so much learning and inspiration to take from Terry’s journey and approach to life.

I connected with Terry via social media when Tiffany Eckhardt (soon to be featured in an upcoming episode) posted about his adventure. She connected us and, knowing next to nothing about this podcast, he agreed to be a guest. In this conversation, I caught up with him after he’d pedaled almost 70 miles with a 20 mph headwind.

He shares a bit about his travels, the enthusiasm of strangers, enjoying life, and doing what you love.

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Here’s Terry’s route map to date:


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