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Luck, Intention, and Quantum Surfing (with Monica Laurence)

Get ready for something a bit different. Monica Laurence is a serial entrepreneur, venture investor, hospitality maven, global citizen, island renegade, and – most of all – a quantum surfer.

Quantum surfing? It’s a framework of actionable philosophies drawing from quantum mechanics, neuroscience, spirituality, and a quest for personal freedom and authentic self-expression. Basically, it’s a shift in perspective on what is possible.

What’s this mean for you? We discuss:

  1. The discipline and behaviors of becoming lucky.
  2. The power of using small experiments to accelerate creativity and serendipity.
  3. Why thinking in terms of cause and effect is an outdated approach.
  4. Going beyond goals and setting intentions.

You can learn more about Monica as well as her online Quantum Surfing classes at She has also recently started a YouTube channel.


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