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Boosting The Longevity Economy (with Andi Kay)

Andi Kay is an advocate for aging as well as you possibly can and passionate about helping people who help others to age healthier, wealthier, and happier. To this end, she is the founder of Aging Mojo, a platform exclusively helping solopreneurs and small business owners who cater to the age 40 plus market promote their businesses.

She discusses midlife and aging trends to be aware of:

  • The growing longevity economy (and why it matters)
  • Why now is a great time to be a midlife entrepreneur
  • Focus on midlife fitness
  • Supporting those in the sandwich generation
  • New businesses that are starting up to support those in midlife and beyond

Andi also mentioned a resource she offers called the 30 Day Challenge. It’s available at:


Connect with Andi:


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