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Ideas Last (with Danielle Gillespie)

Today’s episode is a little different. Danielle Gillespie is a technologist, consultant, and advisor to tech startups and she focuses her approach on one theme: ideas last. And she’s also living a pretty good midlife.

I am excited to have her on the show because I’m intrigued by her approach to start ups and many listening are entrepreneurs, have a side business, or are thinking about starting a business.

She shares the core of her “ideas last” approach, discusses where founders tend to get in their own way or even self-sabotage, staying relevant in your career after 50, the advantages of being older in a youthful field, and thinking through career changes in midlife.

While you may not have a tech startup, her approach and ideas go across fields and situations, especially the second half where we talk about staying relevant and the advantages of midlife.

If you like Danielle’s approach you can connect with her at: 

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