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Pursuing Your Dreams in Midlife (with James Burbage)

“If I don’t at least try with everything I have for the rest of my life, I’m going to die with unrealized dreams and goals. And that would break my heart.” ~ James Burbage


Sometimes when we get to midlife, we discover the life we’ve created isn’t the life we feel destined to live. Some gut it out, counting the days until retirement. Some make the leap. And some are pushed…

James Burbage was very successful in his career, but it didn’t bring him joy or happiness. He had always wanted a different path, but might never have made a change if life hadn’t forced his hand. His successful business collapsed, and his 20-year marriage ended. Unwilling to die with unrealized dreams and goals, those setbacks gave him the courage to set his sights on a different life path.

Get ready, because James is redefining what’s possible in his life and wants to inspire you to create the life you’ve been wanting. We talk about mindset, failure, persistence, refusing to lose, and out working and out hustling everything between you and your dreams.

Ready to play bigger and create an amazing midlife? Let’s get started!



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Instagram: @JamesBurbage777 or @EpiqHealth


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