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Focusing on Wellness for a Great Midlife (with Dave Conley)

Dave Conley, author of the upcoming book, “Muberty: The Guide for Going from Midlife Crisis to Kickass Midlife”, is not a doctor, but he has taken control of his health as a key step to his amazing midlife. Midlife is the time when our choices from the past 20 or so years catch up with our health. And it’s the time when what we do now will determine our quality of life beyond midlife.

Dave shares what he has learned from his own experience as well as from others. We discuss:

  • Approaching midlife as a distinct life stage
  • Our shifting health in midlife
  • Knowing yourself and avoiding the one size fits all fitness and diet fads
  • Simple things you can do that make a significant difference to your health

I really appreciate both the simple practicality of Dave’s approach as well as the focus on finding what works for you now, recognizing that what works for others or even what worked for ourselves in the past, may not work for us today.

Ready to play bigger and create an amazing midlife? Let’s get started!



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