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Live Well Forever (with Dave Stickland)

Ok, chances are you and I won’t live *forever*. But, what’s your health plan to be healthy and active into your 90s? If you are 50 now, that’s 40 more years. Will you spend those years living, or just alive?

Dave Stickland (aka ThatFitOldGuy on Instagram) shares his approach his own health and wellness, including:

  • His own journey from being a sickly child and ignoring health in his 20s and 30s to getting really fit in his 50s.
  • The prevalence and danger of metabolic syndrome.
  • Three key things to help prevent, control, or reduce metabolic syndrome (that are also just helpful to living well in general)
  • The importance of agility and how to increase it.
  • Mortality vs morbidity.
  • What living well at 90 might look like.

I’m not a doctor and none of this is medial advice, but I do appreciate Dave’s common sense and balanced approach to living well. He doesn’t preach raw discipline and white knuckled austerity, but rather embraces a life of: “eat cake, gain muscle, lose weight, and have fun.”

You can connect with Dave:

On Instagram: @ThatFitOldGuy

On YouTube: DaveStickland1


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