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Climbing Midlife’s Mountains (with Jackie and Ray Hope)

Jackie and Ray Hope are on a mission to redefine what “over the hill” means and are a great example of people taking on new challenges in midlife. Rather than settling into their comfort zones, at 50 they decided to take up rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering. Then they started Midlife Mountaineer to write and film their experiences and share stories of midlifers pushing boundaries and shattering comfort zones.

You may not be into extreme sports, but you’ll want to listen in as we discuss taking on the things that scare you, dealing with your inner critic (Jackie’s puffy jacket story is an example we can all relate to), overcoming the fear of starting something new (and looking foolish while doing it), being a good beginner, and avoiding the comparison trap.

You can connect with Jackie and Ray at their website: or Instagram: @Midlife_Mountaineer.

Ready to play bigger in midlife? Let’s get started!



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