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As Seen On YouTube (with Tad Stahl)

Tad Stahl describes himself as “just a middle-class dude raising a family in Indiana.” That’s true, but leaves out a bit. In his mid-fifties, he took on a new challenge by following his adult sons into racing go karts. What started as a weekend hobby with his sons has grown into a family event, all documented on their regular YouTube Vlog.

I’ve been wanting to have Tad on the show for a while now to talk about those three things: taking on new (and humbling) challenges later in life, keeping family relationships front and center even as all kids are now adults themselves and setting off on their own lives, and becoming YouTube famous, at least in his corner of YouTube. Any one of those things is challenging, yet he’s managed to bring them all together in a very authentic and seemingly effortless way of a “middle-class dude raising a family.”

Ready to play bigger in midlife? Tad’s got some good ideas for it, so let’s get started!




Connect with Tad at:

YouTube Vlog: Stahl Racing

Website: Stahl Racing



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