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Recording My First Record (with Terry Sweet)

Where are you downplaying your strengths and experience? How could you put them to use to create a new career opportunity? Have you ever thought about starting a side business, moving into a new job or career, or completing a bucket list item such as writing a book?

By the time we get to midlife, we often have far more skills, resources, and connections than we realize. We’re often told that it’s a young person’s world, but that overlooks the huge advantages available in midlife.

Today’s guest is Terry Sweet and, although he has created music for advertisements for the past 50 years and played in various bands along the way, he’d never recorded and released an album of his own music. The pandemic created a downturn in the advertising business that gave him the opportunity to write and record.

But just because he had the skills and time, that doesn’t mean it was easy. Terry shares a bit about his inspiration, what it means to “be a freight train” and staying focused, and taking on the Doubt Monster.

Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear his song, “Skimpy Bikinis and Vodka Martinis” from the album “Listen to the Bars”.

Ready to play bigger? Let’s get started!



Connect with Terry at:

Album Website: Listen to the Bars

Website: Terry Sweet



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