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Having a Mindful Midlife Crisis (with Billy Lahr)

It’s always fun to have another midlife podcaster on the show. Today, I’m joined by Billy Lahr, co-host of Mindful Midlife Crisis and co-creator of the Reflect, Learn, Grow course. We cover a lot of ground in this show as Billy shares:

  • How cultivating a mindfulness practice changed and saved his life.
  • Mental health, the danger of isolation, and suicide rates of midlife men.
  • Relationships, including his secret for meeting people in midlife as well as setting boundaries.
  • Making a significant career change.
  • And a little bit about his bucket list item of paddle boarding off every coast.

You can connect with Billy at on on Instagram: @Mindful_Midlife_Crisis.

More information on the Reflect, Learn, Grow program is available at

Ready to play bigger and create a fantastic midlife? Let’s get started!


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