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Defying Midlife Stereotypes (with Gail Gensler)

Here’s my challenge for you: keep up with Gail Gensler. I dare you. At 60, she is living in beast mode and has the energy and enthusiasm and love for life of someone less than half her age. She’s a pro-aging fitness enthusiast and lifestyle influencer who loves defying all the stereotypes.

Listen as she shares:

  • Why she is pro-aging instead of anti-aging
  • The importance of a compelling “why”
  • How to find activities and exercises you’ll enjoy
  • Getting out of your own head and just getting started
  • Her favorite routines and supplements
  • Her observations on why women seem to be more active reinventing themselves in midlife than men

I really enjoy Gail’s approach as she isn’t an expert saying what’s best for everyone, but rather is enthusiastically sharing what works well for her. Lots of great information and inspiration in this episode.

Listen, learn, and share with others.

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