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Pursuing Your Dreams in Midlife (with Loukia Mastrodimos)

Loukia Mastrodimos, CEO of Midlife in Bold, and creator of The Midlife Without Regrets Method, guests on this episode. She shares a bit about her own journey as someone who transitioned from a good life as viewed from the outside – but was frustrated, dissatisfied, and a bit burned out – to a life she loves and is now helping others do the same. We also talk about getting beyond the fear that’s keeping us stuck, creating clarity around who we are and want to be (vs think we should be), daring to dream about what life could look like, and being pro-aging.

If you are looking to get  unstuck you can learn more about Loukia and her programs at:


You can also download her 3-step formula to break out of your midlife slump and take action or join her Midlife Women Making Change Without Fear Facebook group. Or, connect with her on Instagram at @MidlifeInBold.


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