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Regaining Control of Our Lives in Midlife (with The Midlife Mentors)

Super excited to have Claire and James Davis, aka The Midlife Mentors, on today. They bring their full-on joy and enthusiasm for living an amazing midlife and helping others do the same.

They share:

  • How our hormones are changing in midlife for both women and men AND what we can do about it.
  • Some of the challenges men face in midlife.
  • Self-talk and improving ourselves.
  • Their 8-week “Midlife Method” program to regain control of body, mind, and life.
  • Improving communication with our significant other in midlife.

This is a fun conversation, all about embracing our second half of life with joy and enthusiasm.

You can connect with Claire and James and learn more about them and their program at: or on Instagram at: @midlifementors

Ready to play bigger in midlife? Let’s get started!


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