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Ordinary Guy, Exceptional Fitness (with Blaine Wood)

Ever look at the middle age action actors or the guys on the covers of fitness magazines, wish you could be that fit? But then you dismiss the possibility because they get paid to be in that shape and you’ve got a job, life, and responsibilities? What if it were possible?

Blaine Wood is a personal trainer and transformation coach who helps middle aged guys build muscle, shred fat, and be exceptional. But the first life he transformed was his own, going from skinny fat and unhealthy at 45 to action-hero-fitness-model lean and muscular at 50.

Blaine shares:

  • His journey out of a midlife slump through clean eating and exercise.
  • Learning about nutrition after his young son was diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Sugar, inflammation, and the effect on health and fitness.
  • Key things midlife guys need to know to get in their best shape.
  • Myths and misconceptions about midlife fitness.

You can connect with Blaine on Instagram at: @BodRescue or his website

I’m very inspired talking to Blaine and seeing what’s possible with a bit of knowledge and a lot of dedication. Ready to play bigger and transform your health and fitness? Let’s get started!



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