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Getting Fit After 50 (with Kevin English)

I am really excited for this episode. Kevin English, founder of The Silver Edge and host of the Over 50 Health & Wellness podcast, discusses:

  • His own journey toward being in the best shape of his life and switching careers in his mid-50s
  • What’s different about getting and staying fit in our 50s and 60s
  • The importance of “healthspan” (as compared to “lifespan”)
  • Why processed foods are so yummy (and the importance of eating whole foods instead)
  • Simple, straightforward approaches to getting started
  • The one thing that makes the most difference (spoiler alert: consistency)
  • The benefits of working with a physical trainer
  • Tips for finding a trainer and what successful clients do differently

We also talk a little about my own fitness journey and why I decided to hire him as my personal trainer and nutrition coach as well as the podcast collaboration that’s come out of it.

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