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Getting Fit After 50 – My First Two Weeks

As one part of mastering my midlife, I am on a mission to get in the best shape of my life. In the last episode with Kevin English from The Silver Edge and the Over 50 Health & Wellness podcast, I shared I was going to be working with him as my fitness and nutritional trainer.

I used to be in decent shape, but it would come and go. Over the past several years, I’ve done a few half marathons, hit a bench press goal, and have been trying to eat cleaner. But, my weight is still much, much higher than when I was really fit, I sit too much, I’m not as flexible as I used to be, one shoulder and an elbow have some mobility issues, etc.

And, while I’m otherwise healthy and 51 and generally feel pretty good, I know what I do now will have a huge impact on my health, fitness, and quality of life as I get older.

So, this is really a moment of: if not now, when?


In this episode, I share what “Best Shape of My Life” means for me and my goals for weight and bodyfat, strength, and endurance.

I also discuss my progress in the first two weeks with the food and exercise plan Kevin has created as well as where I’m doing well with the plan and where I’m not. I also talk a bit about the progress so far.

Your health and wellness goals are probably different, but I’m looking forward to having you join me along the way and learn and encourage each other as we go.

You can learn more about Kevin and hear my interview with him at 

Please share with your friends and family and join us on this journey.

Let’s get started!


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      broc edwards July 7, 2021

      I haven’t tried those before – I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for the recommendation!!

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